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William Opal Company

Founded in 2001, William Opal Company is a local jewelry processor specialized in opal refinement. With a global network of trusted distributors, the products of William Opal Company were sold to retailers across Japan, Australia, and Europe.

The official website of the business was launched back in 2014. However, Mr. William Wong, the founder of William Opal Company, believes that the performance of his website is not up to par, and the overall design of the website cannot embody the elegant craftsmanship of his work.


Our team had redesigned and redeveloped the website of William Opal Company. Maintaining a consistent brand image across the site and increasing the conversion rate were the primary objectives of the project.

In addition to the site redesign, search ads of William Opal Company were optimized to increase the quality of paid traffic so that visitors with higher purchase intent were directed to the site, resulting in a further increase of conversion rate.


  • The number leads captured via the website per month had increased by over 150%.
  • Conversion rate of SEM campaigns had increased by over 275%.
  • The cost per lead of the new campaign had reduced by over 35%.
  • The team at William Opal Company was highly satisfied with the new website’s overall design.
Number of Leads
+ 0 %
Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
Cost Per Lead
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