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La Prislilla Beauty

La Prislilla Beauty is a Hong Kong-based skin care service provider. Their team had launched a skincare consulting package for female customers as an attempt to diversify their revenue streams.

After setting up the internal processes to support their newly launched package, La Prislilla Beauty is looking for outside help to optimize their advertisement campaigns, so that their staff can focus solely on offering the best experience for their new customers.


Our team had re-designed and implemented a new lead generation campaign for La Prislilla Beauty on Facebook to drive people to enroll in their program.

To lower the cost per lead (CPL) of the new lead generation campaign, our team had designed an eBook for La Prislilla Beauty from end to end. The result of the new campaign is astonishing as the CPL was reduced drastically. Additionally, our team had implemented drip campaigns to nurture the captured leads, and significantly increased the number of customers enrolling in their new beauty program.


  • The cost per lead of the new campaign had reduced by over 65%.
  • Total number of subscribers of the official email list had gone up by over 250%.
  • The conversion rate of new leads had increased by over 30%.
Cost Per Lead (CPL)
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Email List Subscribers
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Conversion Rate
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