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James Fok Career Coaching

James Fok is a seasoned career coach with over half a decade of experience in the HR industry. His team offered digital courses, premium webinars, and coaching services to job seekers to help them secure interviews and land their dream jobs.

As the personal LinkedIn profile of James provides a significant amount of traffic to his team’s sales funnel, we collaborated with James to help him launch a content marketing campaign on LinkedIn.


Our team had produced a series of long-form digital assets for giveaway, daily educational content for audience curation, and engaged with the LinkedIn audience of James 24/7 to drive warm traffic into the sales funnel.


  • The conversion rate of promotional articles had increased by over 200%.
  • Sales of digital products had increased by over 175%.
  • The number of LinkedIn followers had increased from 24K to 46K within 60 days.
Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
Sales of Digital Products
+ 0 %
Growth in Followers
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